English Classes for NYC's International Community


Tim’s Story

God has given me a desire to minister to the needs of people in America’s largest city.

I was born in Kansas City and moved to south Texas as a young child. I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico many times as a child when I lived in south Texas. As a child playing with friends in Mexico I learned to speak Spanish at a conversational level. After earning a Bachelors degree in college and after completing a one-year linguistics program, I traveled to Central Aisa. I went to Tajikistan by myself for a month in 2009 to explore the language diversity of the Pamir mountains. I traveled to Kyrgyzstan the same year to assist Friends of Children orphanage. I traveled to India in 2012 to teach a 2-week module on morphology of linguistics. I traveled to Afghanistan and UAE in 2018 to see these countries, experience the Dari and Pashto languages and meet the people. On Christmas day of 2021, our family had the opportunity to host a young man from Afghanistan in our home when he first arrived in the country and was awaiting for an international high school dorm to open. My wife and I completed our 120-hour Masters course for teaching English in the spring of 2022. I would love to use my training and experience to help you improve your skills in the metro, NYC, area.

My spiritual journey

When I was a young child, my sister was concerned for my soul, and as kids can often be, she was rather blunt.  She told me that I was a bad person and that I was going to go to hell. After supper Dad explained to me the truth that is found in the Bible (Rom 5:10)—That it really is true that each of us is in trouble with God. I was a liar, disobedient, proud and selfish. I was in trouble with God. But the Bible says that although each person is born a sinner, an enemy of God, God took on human flesh to take my punishment and die for me to give me a new life.  I had broken God’s laws and deserved God’s judgment.  So that night, August 21, 1987, in our house in Kansas City I trusted that Jesus Christ died in my place for my sin. I love how 2 Corinthians says that if any man be in Christ he is a new Creature.  Since then, Christ has given me purpose and meaning for life. We are working with Heritage Baptist Church in New York City to share the Good News that people can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Email me if you have any spiritual questions.

Kristin’s Story

I was born into a wonderful family in Rockford, IL, in Midwest America. I attended Bob Jones University from 2005-2009 and received a Bachelors Degree in Special Education with an English minor. After graduation, I taught for four years at Tabernacle Baptist Academy in Virginia Beach, VA. In the spring of 2022 I completed my 120-hr masters program in teaching English to speakers of other languages through Bridge Education Group. I also am a follower of Jesus Christ, for I committed my life to him when I was a young child on October 30, 1994. It has been a joy to serve the Lord with Tim and to be a witness to others of God’s goodness. I have enjoyed living here and making a home for my family in Queens, NY.

The Stalcup Family

Tim and Kristin were married on July 4th, 2013 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Tim’s parents are Paul and Barbara Stalcup who live in Iowa. Kristin’s parents are Art and Connie Roberson in Virginia Beach. The Lord blessed Tim and Kristin with a daughter Anna Faith on November 2, 2014. Timothy, Jr., was born February 5, 2017. Tim’s employment in North Carolina had been forklift operation. Kristin taught at Tabernacle Christian Academy for four years before we were married. She now enjoys helping moms stay home to provide extra income with an all-natural, direct-sales, hair-care product. The Stalcups are now excited to live in the metropolitan community of Queens, New York City.

The Stalcup Heritage–where did the name come from?

Our son Tim, Jr., is the thirteenth generation to continue the family name Stalcup. This has been a heritage of travelers, adventurers and frontiersmen. The first man with this name was a man who came from Sweden. His name was originally Johan Anderson. He moved to Delaware in 1641 and was a military officer defending the Swedish fort. His officer regalia included a coat called a stalcofta which gave him the nickname, “The Stallcop.” Embracing the name, he put it on legal documents. Johan came to know Jesus Christ as His Savior a few years after arriving in America. His son was Peter Stallcop. The third generation was named after his grandfather–John Stallcop. The fourth was named Peter Stallcop like his grandfather. His son William Stallcop moved to North Carolina. The sixth generation Eli Stallcup sold his farm in North Carolina and moved his family north of Nashville, Tennessee. The seventh generation, Stephen Stalcup, moved to Indiana. Wesley and his brother were Stephen’s sons who pioneered in the frontiers of Iowa. They operated a saw mill to convert native logs into building lumber. Wesley’s son John Stalcup was well-known in his Iowa farming community for his great physical strength. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior when a young lady witnessed to him. Eventually he married that young lady.  My grandpa Clarence Stalcup found new life in Jesus Christ years ago when he was born again into the family of God. He was raised on a farm in southern Iowa and taught the Word of God to teenagers for decades. The eleventh generation is my dad Paul Stalcup who also accepted Christ as His personal Savior in His youth. He works at the lumber yard in his town.  I, Timothy Richard Stalcup, Sr, am among the twelfth generation of Stalcups. I named my son Timothy Richard Pesar Stalcup, II.  We call him”Timmy” or “Jr” and he is now the thirteenth generation in the Stalcup legacy.